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Jun 28 / Andrew Spaulding

Flash Player 9 and Flash Professional 9 AS3 Preview

As part of the Flex 2 launch the new Flash Player 9 for Mac PPC and Windows is available for download on the Player Download Center. The updated ActionScript 3.0 virtual machine provides a speedy environment for which your Flex 2 applications will run. Not only will you notice the performance increase for AS3 and Flex 2 applications, but also for existing Flash/Flex applications written for earlier releases. This is a great reason to update your Player version, and to notify your customers too! No doubt they will also experience the added benefits.

Also available on Adobe Labs today is the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview! So now not only can we take advantage of the updated ActionScript programming language and performance benefits in Flex, but now in the Flash Authoring environment. This only planned preview of the next version of the flash authoring tool

is only available to registered users of Flash Professional 8, but allows access to the new ActionScript 3.0 language and the ability to publish Flash Player 9 compatible applications/swf's.

Bring on the next generation of rich media and internet applications!

Discover the Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview in this developer center article.

Visit the Flash Player Developer Center and for ActionScript 3.0 resources visit the ActionScript Technology Center

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