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Dec 14 / Andrew Spaulding

Virgin Mobile uses Ooyala for an improved customer experience

Virgin Mobile have really changed up the way they support their customers. Through new help and support widgets embedded on various pages, customers will have access to hours of Ooyala video content providing users with FAQs, reviews, and help and support topics. Need to learn how to configure your voicemail? No problems! Just watch this video.

Ooyala's Backlot really shows it's strength here with actionable analytics. Not only are the do the Engagement Reports help you find the best spot to place your ads, they also show you second-by-second engagement and abandonment data.

Virgin Mobile can leverage analytics and engagement reports to understand if their customers are getting to the answers within the video. If half of their viewers are dropping off after 15 seconds then they know they have work to do with their content and video production.

Very insightful!


Find out more in the press release or read the article in The Australian titled “Virgin's video answer to reduce service calls

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