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Mar 30 / Andrew Spaulding

YouTube and Ooyala, publishing to the worlds largest video discovery destination

There's no doubt about it,

YouTube is the largest video search and discovery destination. And why wouldn't you want to be a part of that! More eyeballs is more eyeballs, and we all want a greater viewership to our content, and of course, greater discoverability.

Ooyala's YouTube integration has been a core part of our technology platform since 2008, enabling content owners to publish to their YouTube accounts. And through the extensive integrations, Ooyala enables round trip synchronisation of content between Backlot and YouTube, moving beyond simple content push to the YouTube's platform. This means not only is your content in sync, but your metadata is also synchronised with the your YouTube assets. Changes to your video metadata within Backlot are updated on you YouTube videos, including video titles, descriptions and content genres. Have you deleted or unpublished content with Backlot? That's ok too, your YouTube account will be updated with these changes as well.

Not only does Ooyala offer external publishing and content synchronisation with YouTube, you can also access YouTube's vast video library, add a video to your library and manage and playback the content directly the Ooyala video player. Not only do you increase your content offering, but this will allow you to take direct advantage of Ooyala's Actionable Analytics, giving you unparalleled insight into your viewer engagement.

Consider the following situation, you already have an existing YouTube library of content or you've found the next latest viral hit and you want to grab a copy to include in your video library. This workflow is seamless, and can be easily achieved by selecting Add New Content and choosing YouTube from the menu. Ooyala's YouTube integration will allow you to either paste in the URL to the selected YouTube video or search the YouTube library directly.

Publishing content to YouTube is just as easy. Through Ooyala's external publishing features you can simply add YouTube as a publishing destination, enter your username and password, and select the content you want to keep synchronised with YouTube. See the screenshot below.

A complete circle, being able to pull content from YouTube, and publish/synchronise your Ooyala library with your YouTube accounts.

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