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Apr 14 / Andrew Spaulding

Ooyala libraries for PHP, Drupal, and Ruby developed by the community

It's always important to build a strong community around you, to help push the boundaries, test the limits, and showcase the potential of what is really possible with your technology.

However, there's often some great contributions from individual contributors outside of the traditional partner base, and I wanted to give a big Oo shout out to the following Ooyala developers.

Ooyala API PHP Client Library

Vance Lucas and Company52 created an Ooyala API PHP Client Library available over on github The library provides a great backbone for many of Ooyala's API's, including content ingestion, label management, channel management including creating dynamic channels, Ooyala analytics queries and more.

Ooyala Module for Drupal

Jared Bitner of Lullabot created an Ooyala Module for Drupal that allows you to perform synchronisation and batch importing of video content managed from Backlot. Check out a video of Jared introducing the Ooyala Drupal Module or head straight to and download the module This module is a great for managing and maintaining your Ooyala video's as a custom content type within your Drupal site, and synchronising your content taxonomy.

Tangerine, a Ruby Gem that wraps the Ooyala API

Anthony Navarre and Craig Williams have built Tangerine, a Ruby Gem that uses ActiveResource to wrap the Ooyala Backlot API. Head on over to to learn more. This is currently a work in progress, but it's great to see this kind of content being shared for others to use and contribute to.

Do you have your own Ooyala extensions or modules? We'd love to hear about it!

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